We’re helping some of
the most vulnerable people in society
build a better financial future.

We’re helping some of
the most vulnerable people in society
build a better financial future.


We’re helping those most vulnerable realise their financial future.

We’re here to make finance fairer – providing people with simple, actionable advice to increase their financial capability and give them the headspace to plan ahead.

Money management is complex. Without clear direction, many people can only just about survive – and their aspirations are pushed aside.

By giving guidance and motivation we want to make people realise that their aspirations can be achieved.


It started with a spreadsheet…

Matthew Vernon founded Quo Money with a clear goal: to help people better manage their money over the long term.

Having spent 30 years developing technology for banks and insurers, he became seen as the go-to person for financial advice among his friends and family. Over time, as his curiosity and expertise grew, the solutions he created became ever more sophisticated. As he began to realise how he was improving people’s lives, he felt compelled to put his skills to better use.

Matthew’s ambition is to ensure that everybody has the tools and the motivation to achieve financial freedom.


Who we serve

Broadly speaking, we want to serve the 22 million people across the UK that are either “squeezed” or “struggling” every month, specifically serving the 16 million people with less than £100 in savings – those most vulnerable to financial shocks.

Our focus is the 50% of the UK population who recognise that they could be better with their money. We are committed to helping financially-vulnerable people to build a long-term financial plan, avoid going overdrawn, clear debt and build savings.


Keeping you safe

We take your privacy very seriously, maintaining the highest levels of security and data encryption – you are the only person who can see your data.

Our work is overseen by the UK’s financial regulatory body, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Meet the team

We are a passionate team of curious entrepreneurial spirits
who are deeply committed to the belief that everyone can
benefit from improved financial capability.

Matthew Vernon

Matthew Vernon

CEO & Founder
James Fell

James Fell

Richard Saville

Richard Saville

Russel Wicks

Russ Wicks

Solution Architect
Owain Service

Owain Service


Join Us!

We’re always on the lookout for smart people that can help us
achieve our mission – improving financial capability is no easy
feat and there are always jobs to be done!