Ashurst’s Fintech Legal Labs – Roundup and reflections!

Ashurst’s Fintech Legal Labs – Roundup and reflections!

At the start of the month we announced via the blog that Quo Money had been selected to be part of Ashurst’s Fintech Legal Labs, an intensive accelerator programme for fintech startups. This post looks to share some of our highlights from attending!

On the 20th-22nd November 2019, Matthew Vernon and I attended Ashurst’s Fintech Legal Labs at their impressive London HQ located in London’s former Fruit & Wool Exchange. The first of its kind, this accelerator programme had been carefully crafted by Abradat Kamalpour and Tara Waters. Based on its success they are now looking to repeat annually and launch in Australia. We’re excited to engage Ashurst going forward, working alongside them to support our growth!

For any entrepreneur that’s growing a business, you are constantly faced with challenges that you have to overcome. Some are relatively simple that can be resolved in minutes, others seem to kick around and take some time to get sorted. Unfortunately, dealing with legal issues is one element that can take time and can end up getting expensive.

This programme came at a really good time as it allowed us to connect with key partners from all aspects of Ashurst and get our questions answered and setting clear next steps. We also had a great opportunity to connect with investors, fellow entrepreneurs and consultants that help startups accelerate growth.

Day one saw leading Partners from across Ashurst presented detailed legal considerations around capital markets, derivatives, data & privacy, financial regulation, corporate structure, employment, tax, IP and technology agreements. We really found the presentations and subsequent 1-on-1’s in Day 2 with David Futter and Tim Cant really useful.

Day two was centred about getting pitch ready and gave some fantastic insights around pitching and raising finance. Ashurst did a great job of forming an insightful panel of industry leaders from investment banking, private equity and venture capital.

The final / “demo” day had a number of truly inspirational presentations, in particular the stories shared by Professor David W Mills of Stanford Law School was very entertaining. The talk from Matthew Le Merle was also great and offered some really practical insights – literally signed up for a Coinbase account right there! Didn’t invest though, today not a great day for crypto’s! We had the opportunity to pitch Quo Money to potential investors and even if we don’t get approached, its great practice!

We’ve now got lots of legal whitepapers, checklists and actions that will follow and we’ll need to get sorted over the next week. Everything we received was beautifully presented, clear and highly applicable for Quo Money. The one thing that we would have loved was to do the “negotiation skills” workshop which sounded really fascinating and would have liked to get a lawyers opinion on the “Husband’s Brief” case study.

Over the next few days we’ll look to connect with all the advisors and companies that we engaged with over the last three days and hope to keep connected with them going forward.