Bored of Money?
We have something for you!

Bored of Money?
We have something for you!

The rise of fintech has seen an emergence of companies offering bank accounts with a difference. Within this blog post we talk you through some options available.

For fintech’s today, its never been easier for a company to issue its own pre-paid cards, resulting in the launch of many niche providers that cater for specific markets, creating innovate products to meet the needs of that audience e.g. Hammock.

The idea of pre-paid cards is simple! The customer logs into a beautiful mobile app, tops up an account with some money and then receives a jazzy new pre-paid card to start spending with. Think bank account, with no sort code and account number.

As technology has got more advanced, so too has the customer whose demand for more interesting products where your money isn’t money, but whatever you decide it should be. If you think about it, if your saving account gives you 1% interest and the inflation rate for that year is 2% you are effectively losing 1% of your wealth.

If you’re bored of money and want something to wow your friends with at Nando’s, you could hold your money as…


There’s a saying that you could buy an expensive suit in New York today with exactly the same weight in gold in 1920 as you can today. This is because generally gold is considered to be an inflation hedge, albeit a contentious debate, with gold tending to be highly volatile.

One provider that allows you to store your money as gold is Glint who actually hold a vault of gold matched to those deposits held by its users.

Whilst its recently had some hiccups shall we say, being forced into administration, they are taking proactive steps to get their users back up and running on their pre-paid cards and kickstart the business back to growth.


As mentioned from our blog post about Ashurst’s Fintech Legal Labs, crypto’s are being more and more popular with numerous providers allowing you to spend money via a pre-paid card with crypto’s.

Coinbase, a popular provider allows you to buy crypto’s as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. As with Gold, these asset classes are subject to volatility to make sure you are fully informed about them before switching your cold hard cash to them as you could quickly end up with less than you put in – just look at the Bitcoin price over the last 5 years.


Lastly, there is also the opportunity to hold your cash within many different types of currencies and allow for easy conversions. Revolut for example allow you to transfer money abroad in 30 currencies with the interbank exchange rate.

Round Up

It will be interesting to see what other asset classes we see fintechs offer as pre-paid cards in the coming years. At Quo Money we’re committed that our banking API offers as many different providers as possible and welcomes the day with these more vibrant ways of payment become more mainstream.

Just to confirm, Quo Money has no affiliation or agreements with any of the providers listed within this post, they we’re simply the first one’s we came across on Google, and as such are not promoting their use but more sharing for illustrative purposes only.

Please be aware that with some of these providers your money is at risk.